5 Things You Need to Know before Double Glazing Your Windows

September 30th, 2021

Double glazing windows have been a trend in the current real estate industry. Whether it is a commercial property or a residential one, people frequently opt for double glazing in Sheffield. It is extremely crucial to work with a renowned and reliable double glazing company like Smart Home Improvement. 

Let’s get to know a few things before you install double glazing doors and windows

Reduced Heat Loss

Double glazing repairs prevent heat loss and reduce your energy bill. This prevents heat from escaping your property and keeps it within the four walls. 

Improved Security

Single glazed panels do not work as effectively as double glazed windows. Therefore they are also equally effective to protect the property from intruders and trespassers. Two panes add extra security to a home.

You can Double Glaze Existing Windows

You always do not need to start with a double glazed window system. You can also fit the extra pane of glass into the existing window system. This can be a bit costly but the result will satisfy you. However, most glaziers prefer to start from scratch rather than adding extra panes.

Double Glazed Windows can be Condensed

Though most double glazed window panes come with an absorbent desiccant, however, still you can notice a small amount of condensation. No need to worry when you come across this. Just keep the window panes clean using a regular cleaning product or cleaner to maintain a sleek, fresh look.


Not all Double Glazing Windows Costs the Same

The cost of double glazing products highly varies. However, they also help you to minimise the energy bill to a great extent. A lot of factors influence the cost of double glazing in Sheffield. Let’s get to know them:

  • Timber or Aluminium Frames
  • Smart glass or Plain Glass
  • Glass Treatments
  • Double or Triple Glazed Windows
  • How thick the glasses are

Frame Material is a great factor when the cost is concerned. The popular modern window frame materials are aluminium, uPVC and timber. Each of these types has its own benefits. You just need to consider which material goes well with the interior of your property. 

Double glazing plays a great role in improving the energy efficiency of the home. Double glazing repairs in Sheffield is a great investment and works as a home improvement project when the type of the job is concerned.

Double glazing is an excellent thermal efficient product. This reduces loud noises, noisy neighbours and the sound of traffic as well.

Summing Up

What window type you go for depends on your preference. Thick double glazing windows have become essential where the winter is chilling. During the winter, the heating bill can skyrocket at an uncontrollable pace. With double glazing, you can control the bill to a great extent. Double glazing windows also offer protection against UV rays while also allowing natural light to enter your home


As now you are well-aware of the benefits of double glazing and what double panes of glass can do for you, take assistance from Smart Home Improvement. Visit the site today!